Opening Doors to Native Knowledge GRDK
  PISUNA-net: searchable databse with the observation and recommendation of the PISUNA Natural Resource Councils

Media: Gør bedre brug af fangerviden


Naalakkersuisut: EU om PISUNA


Naalakkersuisut: United Nationes om PISUNA


Video: Pisuna


Media: Interview med Nette Levermann om Pisuna


EU Green Week Presentation (after 17 minutes)


Local Knowledge and Resource Management af Nordisk Ministerråd


Media: Greenland Radio about Pisuna


Supervisering af lokal dokumentation 2014


Counting what counts: using local knowledge to improve Arctic resource management


Video: Glimpses from Pisuna


Arctic Biodiversity Assessment about Pisuna


Evaluering Pisuna 2009-2012


Video: Borgermøde


Rapport om muligheder for lokal forvaltning




Pisuna manual



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