Opening Doors to Native Knowledge GRDK
  PISUNA-net: searchable databse with the observation and recommendation of the PISUNA Natural Resource Councils

Involving local stakeholders in monitoring natural resources and climate change in the Arctic. The Greenland Government is collaborating with communities in Disko Bay and northwards on pilot testing the use of locally based monitoring of natural resources as a tool for improving Arctic resource management.


“After our hunting and fishing trips, we often discuss between us what we have seen. Some species are disappearing. Some species are coming back after having been away for a long time. And some species are turning up in larger numbers than before…”

Lars Olsen, Akunnaaq.


“The extent of sea ice is rapidly changing. This has an impact on almost everything we do. During our hunting and fishing trips we see a lot of birds and seals and other resources. We write down what we see and we discuss what it means. We hope our records and knowledge can help the Government take wise decisions…”

Karl Tobiassen, Qaarsut.


The hunters and fishermen know so much about what is going on. They live in and experience the coastal areas all year round. We think that their knowledge, if collected systematically, can be a great help to making decisions on managing the resources…

Pâviârak Jakobsen, Konst. Fagchef, Aasiaat, Qaasuitsup Kommune.


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