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Communities: Akunnaaq

Akunnaaq is located 23 kilometer Northeast of Aasiaat on the island Akunnaap Nunaa near the southern mouth of Disko Bugt. 68°44′N 52°19′V. Map

Akunnaaq Natural Resources Council, 2010-2011; 2014-2016, 2018:

Email Akunnaaq Community Office:

Abel Olsen (Coordinator, 2016-present)
Gerth Nielsen (Coordinator 2010-2015)
Lars Nielsen
Aqqalu Olsen
Augustinus Olsen
Grethe Olsen
Lars Hans Olsen
Lars J. P. Olsen
Erneeraq Sandgren

Observations and management proposals are available through this link
and from the searchable database PISUNA-net

Aqqalu Olsen

Lars Olsen


Lars H. Olsen

Gerth Nielsen